Medical Automation

Medical Record System

The OpenMRS Community is a worldwide network of volunteers from many different backgrounds including technology, healthcare, and international development. Together, this community is working to build the world’s largest and most flexible technology platform to support delivery of healthcare in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.


In developing countries, where the health-care industry continues to experience significant challenges that hamper the provision of healthcare services, interoperability and the connection of medical records are still an unrealized goal. Even though different types of medical record systems have been adopted, the journey continues due to environmental, infrastructural, and financial issues. With the growth of information technology, the healthcare sector has significantly improved, adopting various web and mobile-based electronic medical records. A significant achievement has been the use of Open-Source Medical Record System (OpenMRS) for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis healthcare services in developing countries like Kenya and Rwanda. This system has proven to be more reliable and efficient for patient follow-ups and allows for better healthcare services in general.


Crystal Technology Bangladesh is one of the proud members of OpenMRS Community. The mission of OpenMRS is to improve healthcare delivery in resource-constrained environments by coordinating a global community that creates a robust, scalable, user-driven, open source medical record system platform. We do follow, keep track and participate in all the events of OpenMRS Community.



01 Registration

02 OPD (Out Patient Department)

03 IPD (In Patient Department Management)

04 Laboratory

05 Emergency Department

06 Pharmacy Control

07 Material Management

08 Billing

09 Accounts & Finance

10 Blood Bank

11 Cashier Point

12 Operation Theatre Management System (OTMS)

13 Electronic Medical Record Management

14 Linen & Laundry

15 Inventory Management

16 Radiology & Imaging

17 Nursing Workbench & Doctor’s Workbench

18 Human Resource Management

19 Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

20 Laboratory Interfacing System (LIS)

21 User Control Security and Administration

New Patients Registration

Patient Registration is an important step for hospital/clinic. It helps each hospital/clinic correctly identify each patient and his/her medical information. Registration includes collecting basic information of a patient and creating a medical record.

Billing System

Billing system views an explanation of patient’s investigation fees, report fees, Hospital/clinic charges and other charges if any.